About Us

Our Vision

Credton Construction's vision is to be the leading company serving the growth of our community

Our Mission

We are committed to being your credible partner and striving to deliver excellence and excitement to your construction and renovation projects by assisting you in refining your dream and turning it into a reality

Our Value

Credibility - We deeply believe trust is the cornerstone of our business. Our team is guided by the highest values and work ethic and proves ourselves to be dependable by keeping our promises, maintaining promptly communication, and being honest and accountable in our work

Consistency - Although there are many uncertainties in construction, we take pride in our work, and we are result-oriented. Starting with clear leadership, we deliver the same uncompromising result under any challenging circumstances

Constructiveness - From conceptual design to hands-on construction, Credton is committed to offer constructive service with our work. We enjoy broadening our constructive mind to guide the whole process, we are also performing Constructive daily work on our site

Our Specialties

We specialize in customized single-detached homes new construction and residential/light commercial renovation.
Our team works closely with reputable architects, engineers, and interior designers to create unique and built-to-last structures to reflect your vision and your style.
Credton Construction also takes on projects from clients that have a complete design package and approved permits ready. We work with local suppliers and skilled workers to ensure budget and schedule control without compromising quality.